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Who we are

“We like to reinvent ourselves – its part of our job.”

We are experienced in this industry for 8 years. Back then, our service only used to cover a small area of Auckland and we invested a large proportion of our income into training and equipment.

Hard work and serious commitments to quality service and proven track of results led us to expand our business to different areas, investment of our efforts and time into the local company nowadays known as AKS Carpet cleaning Services & Home and Commercials cleaning services Limited.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?

“We only have what we give, and that’s what our services are”

Our carpet cleaners are fully insured, trained and qualified to the latest standards in our industry, and they can carry out all the tasks you require.

Eco friendly procedures

We take extra measures to keep your home allergen free and use no harsh chemicals in our process.

Competitive prices and combo deals

Looking to combine a few cleaning services and gets a discount? Just ask we’ve got just the right offer for you!

Free, no-obligation quote

Our 24/7 support assistants will provide you a personalized quote.

Steam cleaning experience

Knowledge is the key, but knowledge with experience is even better, and our certified cleaning technicians have both.

Short notice availability

We are operational 7 days a week and even on public holidays. We can send cleaners at a short notice in convenient for you date and time.

Complete coverage within Auckland

Our carpet cleaners provide coverage in all Auckland areas serving both commercial and residential places. Please contact us for your free no obligation cleaning quote.

Pro equipment

We thoroughly clean rugs, carpets and upholstery using professional equipment.

Our Guarantee

“We guarantee our best price and the quality of our services”

We truly believe that starting from scratch really helped us to take time to establish exactly what our clients really needs when they look for a carpets and cleaning technician.

We have been able to grow and expand our business by taking the time to listen and follow the feedback from our early customers.

Currently, we are able to offer our service anywhere in Auckland around the clock.

We are local in your area, which means that it takes less time to reach at your place and satisfy your needs with our best guarantee of price, quality of work and cleaning results.

Best And Only One

“Our services are second to none and we are local to you.”

We strictly believe that quality comes as standards and trust is earned, not given, therefore, we constantly strive to be better through the feedback and ongoing experience to provide the best quality of service possible.




Dear Aks Carpet team,You guys never fail to impress me. I have been associated with you from quite a long and have all the reasons to continue the relationship in the future too. I have come to believe in your prowess as cleaning specialists who work in the interest of their clients. No matter how difficult is the cleaning job that I hire you for, you succeed in delivering the best results. I have already recommended you for home cleaning to many people. Thanks!



Hey, I am really impressed by the cleaning results that you folks delivered to me. It is because of you that I am able to get my best definition of a perfectly cleaned and hygienic home. Talk about carpets; oh god, they seem to appear as if I have bought them just right now. They look so clean, feel so good and smell so pleasant. Couldn’t have asked for anything more! Well done!



You guys have been brilliant at cleaning my office within a limited timespan. At first I thought I would not be getting an in-time commercial cleaning service just the way experienced in the past, but your superfast online booking advantage and prompt response made me wrong about my perception. The reason why I took to this platform was only to show my gratitude. It couldn’t be any better!

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