Emergency Flood Restoration

Water damage at home can be devastating and a situation you may not wish to think about, however, it is a problem that will affect most people sooner or later. Being a victim of water damage can leave you concerned about everything else at home.

It is crucial to act fast under such circumstances. Any delay or negligence on your part could result in irreparable damage, however, trying to repair the damage yourself can be very dangerous for you and your family.

The Effects of Water Damage

After a carpet becomes wet, the damp carpet fibers and underlay become an environment that promotes mould and mildew breeding. When left untreated, you will observe some brown spots all over your carpet. The overwhelming musky smell will make it very difficult for you to breathe. Most of the mould found in carpet underlay is due to water damage.

Why treat it straight away?

The longer you wait, the more difficult restoration becomes. Leaving the area untreated or delaying restoration will lead to increased damage to your carpet and home due to the growth of unhealthy mould and mildew. Rapid action is the only way to guarantee minimal damage to your home and valuables.

Trust Us 24/7!

Our prompt 24/ 7 availability has made us a reliable water restoration company in and around Auckland. Call us for help and the expert team of professionals, certified for wet carpet restoration, will be available quickly and will effectively clean-up all flood and water damage.