Pest Control services

You can trust Aks Carpets for domestic pest control services. We are a leading pest control service provider that holds expertise in resolving all types of pest-related problems. Pests are hazardous for your health and property and thus require serious concern.

Apart from maintaining cleanliness, pest control is one of the prominent measures that need to be taken. Our pest control services Auckland are specifically designed to meet the customers need, offering fast and effective pest control at a nominal price.

You can stay healthy and protect your family from pests with our effectively carried out pest control conduct. We use safe, eco-friendly and standard pesticides to prevent pests from incurring any unwanted trouble. Our team of pest management experts is reliable, trained and certified, offering comprehensive termite control services that are effective in all aspects.

We care for your health, and so we use laboratory tested pesticides or insecticides that are safe and eco-friendly. We use advanced methodology and latest equipment to execute pest control services on time.

Our range of pest control services Auckland comprises:-

  • Termite Control Services
  • Fumigation Services
  • Smoke Fumigation Services
  • Dis-infestations Services
  • Rodent Control Services
  • Carpet Treatment Services
  • Lawn Treatment Services
  • Pigeon Control Services

Free your home from intrusion of pests and organism that are a serious threat to your health. We prevent growth of pests, like cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, silverfishes, flies, rats, beetles and birds at home, lawn, garden, trashes, sinks, garage and even premises.

We, at Aks Carpets, have well-trained personnel creating effective control over pests at home, offices, restaurants, hospitals and stores. We also provide best advice and consultancy services for an effective pest control. Keep your home and office protected from bugs and insects in order to stay healthy.

Feel free to approach us for comprehensive pest control services.